How to Pick the Right Bathroom Vanities and Cabinets 

Now that you’re doing a bathroom remodeling project, you realize that’s quite difficult to pick which from the different options you have is the best for your new bathroom. Bathroom vanities and cabinets don’t really come cheap, so it’s important to make the right choice. 

 Vanities and Cabinets

It would help if you know exactly what you need. Do you want your vanities in full-size? Do you want floating shelves and medicine cabinets too? All these choices could really cause you some headache. But to make things easier, try to check out all of your options first. Look at the bathroom vanities for sale near you and pick the ones that account for the best design and functionality. 

How to Choose Functional Cabinets  

There are many factors to consider when choosing bathroom cabinets. Some of them are the cabinet door’s swing and the depth of your vanity, for starters. These can definitely affect the functionality of these cabinets, especially if you’re the type who gets on a hectic morning schedule every day. If that’s the case, you surely want everything to be accessible, even with foot traffic in the bathroom.  

But then, not all bathrooms are big. If yours is a small one with tight quarters, consider installing multipurpose vanities. You may also opt for the ones with open shelves so the room seems a lot bigger than it is. Open vanities with cabinets are also great choices.  

How to Choose the Right Cabinet Design 

Upon knowing the space limitation of your bathroom, the next things you should consider are functionality and design. The most popular choices today are rustic and modern. You may install floating cabinets if you have a small bathroom as they give the room an open feel. For a more luxurious appeal, install a vessel sink that would sit on top of the vanity 

You may also use unique and trendy materials to give your bathroom vanities and cabinets a bit of a character. Just make sure that the functionality and design align well with each other for the best effect. Choosing bathroom vanities and cabinets may be overwhelming but they can be fun if you add little imagination to practical thinking. 

How to Install Bathroom Vanities 

Now that you’ve purchased the perfect bathroom vanities for your home, the next step is to install them. To do that, it’s best to call the experts. But if you’re more of the home improvement savvy type, then you can definitely do some of the work yourself.  

The skills you need starts with measuring. You have to measure the place where the pipes go on the wall vertically and horizontally. You have to transfer such measurements to the back of the bathroom vanities so you can the opening accurately. You may use a saber saw or drill as needed. If you want to skip doing this step, simply find bathroom vanities with an open back.  

Attach the vanities to the wall by sliding them in place. Then screw the cabinets to the wall. Install the drain and faucet next. Finally, attach the lines to the drain pipe and faucet and you’re all set!