8 Types of Windows

The type of window you’re going to install in your house will depend on the aesthetic appeal of your house. There are different types of windows, each one allows natural light to enter your rooms during the day and also keep the air dry and fresh. Aside from the style it brings, its functionality is also important. When you hire an interior designer, she will tell you about window treatments, what style should you choose and what colors. There are a lot of things you should know about, but the basics are enough. To know about the basic designs of windows, read the following.  


Double-Hung Windows 

The double-hung windows have two sashes which slide vertically down and up in the frame. They open wide from the bottom or the top. They shouldn’t protrude outside the house so they are designed to remain inside their frames. The single-hung windows are the opposite; the bottom part is the only operational.  

Casement Windows 

Casement windows are hinged on the right and left so they can open outward. These windows operate by a turn of a crank. It is attached to the frame by hinges at its side. These windows are help open using a casement stay.  

Awning Windows 

Awning windows open outward to let the outside fresh air in, from the bottom, right or left. They are hinged from the top and can be installed below, above or alongside an operating window or stationary.  

Picture Window 

If you want a really large window where the light and air can enter your house, you can choose the picture window. This is a large stationary window. If you live in a mansion located at the hills or mountain, or if you’re building a resort, you can choose this window.  

Transom Window 

This is a narrow window that can be both non-operational and operational and mounted above an existing window or door to let in more light. These windows are one of those few architectural structures that survive centuries of technological advances and passing trends. This window type first appeared in 14th century Europe.  

Slider Windows 

With this type of window, there is only one operational window that slides past or horizontally over the other window. It glides along a track so you can open them. They are mostly installed in the contemporary style houses or modern-style houses.  

Stationary Windows 

If you want a window that doesn’t open but still has a style, you can install a stationary window. They are not operational but you can modify them in any shape or angle you prefer. You can found these windows in contemporary or modern style houses in conjunction with operating windows.  

Bay or Bow Windows 

The greatest benefit you can get from installing this window is that you will be given with more interior space. These windows are protruding out from the siding’s exterior. They are a combination of windows, like a stationary window in the middle of casement or double-hung windows.